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Review | Korres Vanilla Plum body milk & Watermelon body scrub

I actually picked these up from my local tk maxx for £3 each, I would recommend having a look!

Vanilla Plum Body Milk.
Lightly applied to give an idea of the consistency

To begin with I disliked the smell as it's somewhat medical almost like cloves although, I have grown to appreciate it . As it's a body milk the texture is a lot thinner than a typical moisturiser so perfect for those of you who hate the feeling of a heavy, tacky  moisturiser. Being a body milk I didn't have too high expectations for this but wow this  bad boy leaves my skin feeling exceptionally smooth, it sinks into the skin in a decent amount of time and the scent lingers for a good while afterwards. I would definitely repurchase this but perhaps in different scent.You can buy the Vanilla plum body milk here for a teeny weeny sum of £10. 

    Watermelon Body Scrub.

This product smells exactly like the taste of watermelon (makes no sense at all) seriously it does, if you dislike sweet smells this one is not for you as it really is a true watermelon smell not one of those horrid false ones, anyway enough about them smell, does this body scrub do it's job? YES YES YES I have yet to come across another body scrub to replace this and know that I will definitely repurchase it, it's not too harsh and not too soft as there are a mixture of small white exfoliating beads and large black ones. It's not an oily one or a very moisturising one it pretty much just exfoliates and I can tell you now my legs have never felt or looked better. Exfoliating your legs between shaving is key to getting them smooth and razor bump/ingrown hair free. You can buy the Watermelon Body Scrub here for a respectable £12

Have you tried any Korres products? which ones would you recommend? x


  1. I've never tried any of their products but I'd definitely like to after seeing this. I like your background too :)
    Madison's Assortment

    1. They really are brilliant and thank you :) x

  2. Loving the tartan background!

    And the idea of Vanilla Plum and Watermelon sounds so refreshing and yummy!
    Great post

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