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Review | Dirty Works Shimmer Lotion

Urgh that dreaded spare of the moment night out, the winter weather has taken it's toll on our skin leaving it dry, dull and not at it's best. Now, I'm definitely one for bare legs on a night out regardless of the weather so when this happens I whip out the razor, body butter, fake tan and go crazy. After this my legs generally look a lot better, well i thought they did until I found 'Dirty works shimmer lotion'.

 First off the branding in general is a complete copy of Soap & Glory which if  I'm honest is a little off putting and cheapens the overall aspect of this product, it even smells the same,crazy!

I purchased the lotion from Sainsburys for a small sum of £2.49 not really expecting much. The consitancy of the product is neither thin or thick but just right. Once blended it leaves a lovely shine to the skin without looking tacky.The overall effect is subtle and only really visible in direct light (something that I would consider a pro) It sinks in quickly, smells lovely and is a lovely little product to have when the usual routine just isn't enough, I can see me using this a lot in the summer (if we actually get one)

Smells nice
Sinks in well
200ml of product
 Doesn't transfer onto clothing
Soap & Glory copy
Packaging looks cheap (imo)
Not moisturising

What are your holy grail products to get your skin looking amazing? x

1 comment:

  1. Ive looked at this brand so many times but like you say the fact that it looks a cheaper version of Soap&Glory is off putting, great blog :)